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"How to Move On After a Divorce – Making a Fresh Start"

Divorce is all too common today, with many couples deciding to go their separate ways for one reason or another. Although figures from the Marriage Foundation have shown that in the UK, divorce levels have been falling, rates ultimately remain high, and for those involved this can be a very stressful time.

It is only natural that if you have been through a recent divorce you will want to move on as quickly as possible, get on with your life and get things back on an even keel. However, moving on as quickly as possible requires some degree of organisation on your part, which can help keep your mind occupied at this difficult time.

Tips to help you make a fresh start more quickly

Out with the old and in with the new definitely applies to those wanting to make a fresh start following divorce. Of course, in this context the saying doesn't refer to getting your old partner out and a new one in! It actually refers to your marital belongings and items that might leave lingering but unwanted reminders of your married life.

Here are some of the ways you can make a fresh start following divorce:

  • Get your name changed: One of the things that can really help you to move forward is to revert to your maiden name, if you rescinded it on marrying. This is something that you can do relatively quickly and easily, and can be the first important step in moving forward.
  • Get documentation changed: If you are changing your name or address as a result of the divorce, there will be plenty of documentation that you need to change. This could mean everything from your driving license to your passport, bank accounts, insurance policies and even your will if you want to change the beneficiaries. Getting this done sooner rather than later is another big step towards moving on.
  • Get rid of items you don't want: You may have a number of items that you want to get rid of, such as furniture, ornaments and other items from the marital home. You may also want to get rid of some of your clothing, including your wedding dress or suit. If this is the case you can find websites to sell your old clothes and make some money back on them.
  • Apply for financial separation: Even though your Decree Absolute may have come through, you may still need to apply for financial separation from your former partner, which helps to draw a final line. You can get the necessary forms from the courts, and getting this done quickly means that you will no longer have financial ties to your ex.
  • Keep in close touch with friends: Close friends and family form an important part of the moving on process. These are the people who can help to support you, take your mind off things, and keep you going during a difficult time. Make sure you do not push them away – embrace the help that they offer instead.

While there is no doubt that the period following divorce is a difficult one for most, following these steps can help you to move on with greater speed and ease.

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